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Author Archive

Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

Modern And Stylish Small Apartment

modern black and white apartment 2 interiors

  Modern small apartment decorated with a contemporary interior of black and white. The house touched with a very chic vibe, hanks the two predominant colors in decor. It is beautifully & smartly designed to be not just comfortable but also cheerful and very practical. The loft bedroom provides openness and is really cool! (more…)

E15 Kashan Sofa

E15 Kashan Sofa

  The Kashan Sofa epitomizes E15 design. Designed by Philipp Mainzer, it is practical, modern and elegant. It has two oak side panels and an oak back panel which can be used as a storage shelf. It's fabric cover is removeable and is available in a number of different colours. (more…)

Un Lieu Unique Luxury Boutique Hotel

Un Lieu Unique Luxury Boutique Hotel 2

Un Lieu Unique Luxury Boutique Hotel in France. Emilie and Jérôme Wirotius welcome you to Annecy in the first guest flat offered as part of their new “Un Lieu Unique” concept series,“le Cocon”. Your hosts propose this new lodging concept in Annecy, half way between a luxury boutique hôtel suite and...

Alicante Kitchen With Dynamic Design by Febal

Alicante Modern Kitchen by Febal

Alicante Modern Kitchen designed by Matteo Beraldi for Febal. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt Simple yet dynamic design. Advanced design, enriched by media designed specifically for use of the latest technological devices such as smartphones and tablets. " (more…)

Bright and Cheerful Interior Design by Pavel Polinov Studio

Pop Art Interior Design 2 by Pavel Polinov

  Apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia designed by Pavel Polinov Studio. Eccentric apartment with bright and cheerful colors for a young, creative couple. Characteristics of pop art painted bright prints and posters on the walls and furniture in the style of Andy Warhol's paintings. In such an active and rich interior decoration is quite difficult to choose...