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Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

Gamago Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers

Gamago Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers

Gamago Snow Globe Salt and Pepper Shakers , $11.97 . We like shaking things up here at GAMAGO, and by things we mean seasonings. That’s how one of our latest editions to the GAMAGO collection, the Snowglobe Salt and Pepper Shakers, came to being. We put a lot of brainstorming and design behind...

Boxetti Fuctional Furniture Collection

ductional furniture sets solutions for small spaces

Boxetti collection is driven by three basic design principles – functionality, advanced technologies and contemporary aesthetics of minimalism. Each of Boxetti modules is designed to achieve maximum efficiency of particular demands for functionality and suitability. The capability of the modules to be transformed into compactly solid blocks is essential for...

Small Apartment Interior Design by Widawscy

Small Apartment Interior Design by Widawscy. Apartment in Warsaw is an open space suffused with daylight and symbolically divided into zones for different purposes: hall, kitchen, living and work space. The creation of flexible space which allow to spend time together was a basic purpose of investors, that we have...

Colorful Graphic Rugs by Sonya Winner

After Matisse Rug by Sonya Winner

Sonya Winner creates exceptional rugs that are graphic, vibrant, highly original and of stunning quality. Sonya’s most ambitious colour mix experiments to date. A natural development of the popular After Matisse rug – Sonya has moved from rectangular forms to sensual curves to create a wonderfully shaped foundation to develop...

Rustic Storage Coffee Table

Rustic Storage Coffee Table

Rustic Storage Coffee Table. Secret stasher. The top of the Rustic Storage Coffee Table pops up to reveal a boatload of hidden storage. Lofted on airy steel legs, the solid mango wood body has enough room to stow anything from toys and remotes to pillows and throws. Each table is subtly...

The Big Chair Project by Jamie Oliver

The Big Chair Project by Jamie Oliver

The BIG Chair Project is the brainchild of The Better Food Foundation, the charity founded by Jamie Oliver. Back in 2002, Jamie established a unique and pioneering restaurant group called Fifteen, that uses the magic of food to give young people a chance to have a better future. Ten years on, hundreds...

Lugar Do Cotariño Rustic Hotel in Spain

Lugar Do Cotariño Rustic stone interiors

Hotel Rustico Lugar Do Cotariño located in Spain. The hotel is situated in a hamlet of just 3 houses (all 3 belonging to the hotel), amongst cornfields, eucalyptus and pine trees. The beach is a very short distance from the Coast of Reira. The hotel has been refurbished true to its original...

17 Awesome Rustic-Romantic Girls’ Room Ideas

Love this girls' room has a rustic, yet romantic feel. Mix textures and colors to elevate a rustic room to a romantic, feminine and fun level.  The rustic decor is perfect for those who like natural materials, handmade things and art. It is also perfect when you seek a romantic decor. Check out these 17 Awesome Rustic-Romantic Girls' Room Ideas. (more…)

Victorian Westbourne Grove Church Turned Into a Loft

Grove Church Turned Into a Loft

Victorian Westbourne Grove church located in London turned into a Loft by DOS architects. Building conversions are very popular nowadays and it's always interesting to see how they work out as residencies. The architects renovated the top two floors of Westbourne Grove Church, a Baptist chapel initially built in 1953 and...

Luxury House in Russia by Kupinsky & Partners

Luxury House living room in Russia by Kupinsky

Luxury House located in Rushia, designed by Kupinsky & Partners architects. High ceiling modern house with black and white colors. Love the living room with the sofa by Roche Bobois (my favorite) and this futuristic fireplace. The team of architects develops exclusive premium-quality projects.  Recognizable team style is bright and clean architecture....