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26 Amazing Living Room Color Schemes

paint colors for living room

A color scheme can set the tone for your living room.  The colours you choose for your decorating schemes will affect the atmosphere of your room. Pick the right colour for your room and you can create just the feel you want in there - sophisticated or fun or rela and so on....

Flavor Paper HQ by Skylab Architecture

Flavor Paper HQ by Skylab Architecture

    Flavor Paper HQ, a boutique wallpaper manufacturer located in Brooklyn, NY by Jeff Kovel of Skylab Architecture. Portland firm Skylab Architecture designed the renovation of a 1931 brick building to house the new headquarters for Flavor Paper. Sherman, CEO of Flavor Paper and a couple of employee-tenants actually live there, with the boss enjoying a classic...

Cocoon 1 The First Furniture You Can Live In

Cocoon 1 The First Furniture You Can Live In7

  Cocoon 1 by micasa lab,  the first furniture you can live in! Totally futuresque, livable and hipsterish. Cocoon 1 is a very special place of retreat. The innovative product magically connects aesthetics and fuction. Its insularity provides protection and selusion. At the same time, its translugency enables us to let our thoughts wander...

Hotel Particulier Montmartre in Paris

Hotel Particulier Montmartre in Paris

    Hotel Particulier Montmartre in Paris. A jewel case in the last bit of historic Montmartre scrubland, nestled between the famous Avenue Junot and Rue Lepic, this vast Directorial style house is located in a unique spot. Facing the « Witch’s Rock » this former private home transformed in 2007 into a...

Urban Loft by Alpha Land

Urban Loft interior design by Alpha Land

Urban loft located in Athens, Greece designed by Alpha Land. This new construction is based on the philosophy of lofts apartments , with particular focus on construction with rough and raw materials (concrete, metal). Apart from the aforementioned central architectural choices of the industrial design and two-storey blocks, building, as a...

Float Sofa by Karim Rashid

Float Sofa by Karim Rashid

  Float Sofa designed by Karim Rashid for SANCAL. Hand in hand with Karim Rashid, we have managed to create a seat that respects our own universe when we cohabit in public spaces. As Virginia Woolf would say, a room of one’s own providing intimacy and freedom. Float is a contemporary couch...

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