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Melina Divani

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Urban Loft by Alpha Land

Urban Loft interior design by Alpha Land

Urban loft located in Athens, Greece designed by Alpha Land. This new construction is based on the philosophy of lofts apartments , with particular focus on construction with rough and raw materials (concrete, metal). Apart from the aforementioned central architectural choices of the industrial design and two-storey blocks, building, as a...

Float Sofa by Karim Rashid

Float Sofa by Karim Rashid

  Float Sofa designed by Karim Rashid for SANCAL. Hand in hand with Karim Rashid, we have managed to create a seat that respects our own universe when we cohabit in public spaces. As Virginia Woolf would say, a room of one’s own providing intimacy and freedom. Float is a contemporary couch...

Modern House with a Classic Twist

  Greek water polo player Tony Koutsogiannis' house located in Athens, Greece. Masculine atmosphere  in dark colors, from neutral gray to strong black and sweet brown, while combining modern lines, ethnic elements and rela mood. Modern House with a Classic Twist. Mirror with backlight on the walls of the dining room and...

Indulgence Divine in Vittoriosa Malta

Holiday Home Indulgence Divine interior design in Malta

  Holiday Home Indulgence Divine located in Vittoriosa, Malta. We pursued a contemporary design as I wanted to breath new life into the house, whilst respecting its rich history. The neutral limestone walls are like a blank canvas to the colourful fabrics and a backdrop to the statement pieces. We employed...

Dream Traditional Huts in Austria

dream traditional huts interior design in Austria

  Almdorf Seinerzeit Dream Traditional Huts in Austria. There exist those few, very special places with an exceptional aura. These places raise deep emotions and long-lost moods. They provide a deep affinity with the originality, with the power of nature and the meaningfulness of the genuine and traditional. The Almdorf Seinerzeit is...

Contemporary Masculine Attic Studio

Contemporary Masculine Attic interior design

  In a 495-square-foot attic in the Söder neighborhood of Stockholm, interior designer Jimmy Schonning—a local celebrity for his role in the Swedish TV shows "Finally at Home" and "Styling Emergency"—has carved out a sweet and stylish home. His diminutive studio is chockablock with creative storage solutions (built-in closets; a washer...