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Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

Contemporary Furniture Collection by COLOMBOSTILE

colompostile contemporary sofa

  Contemporary Furniture Collection by the Italian firm COLOMBOSTILE. Are you Classic, Eclectic or Contemporary? So three creative poles are outlined, between innovation and tradition that characterize Colombostile’s production: the Classic Collections, perfect editions of period furniture, and the Eclectic Collections, extreme luxury and unbridled imagination. The third area of creation...

Board New Kitchen Design by Snaidero

board new kitchen design by snaidero

  New Kitchen Design by Snaidero lacquer kitchen BOARD by Pietro Arosio. Board featuring cedar green high-gloss lacquered doors and functional block from 90 cm in Corian. A new kitchen concept which speaks the language of comfort, warmth and airiness. Cantilever operating unit, fully equipped for cooking, washing and food preparation activities....

Interior Design by Piratininga Architects

interior design by piratininga

    Great interior design and space planning at this apartment located in São Paulo, Brazil designed by Piratininga Architects. This apartment was designed for a marchand who shares it with his son, and the project was carried out bearing in mind the fact that the residence is for two men, each of...

Furniture Designs by Michael Young


      Furniture Designs by Michael Young. Drawing inspiration from the automation and aviation industries Michael Yeung brings an element of the surreal to his designs. Each piece is designed to be visually appealing from every angle. Much like a sculptor, Yeung designs his furniture with a view of howthe light...

Cozy Bohemian House in Formentera, Spain

beautiful home decorating

    Cozy bohemian summer house named Casa Daniela in Formentera, Spain. A beautiful concrete house by architects Victor Canosa - Dani Duch and the owner the Stylist Daniela Cavestany. If you are interesting Casa Daniela is available for rent and is priced around €400,00 to €1.000,00 per day. Photographs: Jordi Canosa (more…)

10 Charming Living Room Design Ideas

stone wall living room design ideas

The spanish interior design magazine mi casa revista is a true inspiration and just picked out these 10 Charming Living Room Design Ideas to see. Take a look at these fabulous living room designs.   Interesting and beautiful combination of a classic bergere armchair and a modern sofa. Dynamic, elegant and fresh living room...



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