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Seaside New Zealand House

seaside New Zealand house

Amanda Yates's seaside New Zealand family house. It was designed by their architect daughter,  Amanda, for their retirement,  with the knowledge that future generations of the extended family—including  Amanda, her partner, Adam Rose, and their one-year-old son, Awa—will see it as  their place now and for decades down the line....

Sunflower Chair He Mu, Zhang Qian

Sunflower Chair He Mu Zhang Qian

Sitting at the center of a blooming sunflower and being crowded by beloved books will definitely make reading something lingering in your mind all day. Designed by designer He Mu and Zhang Qian from Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Sunflower Chair has won “Redtory Design Award” for the 5th “Design...

Equis House in Peru by Barclay & Crousse

upper deck pool with unique design

  Equis house with unique interior and exterior design in Cañete, Peru designed by Barclay & Crousse. The project seeks to create the necessary intimacy to live in the desert and to 'domesticate' it without denying or betraying its characteristics. We started by conceiving a pure solid which would appear...

Capri Suite Hotel in Italy by Zeta Studio

capri suite hotel by zeta studio

Capri suite hotel located in the heart of the ancient village of Anacapri, above Capri, designed in the remains of 16th century convent beside the San Michele church by one of my favorite, the italian arcitect Giuliano Andrea of ZETA STUDIO. The attention to detail is amazing. A careful restoration has brough back...

The Satyagraha House To Spend a Night in a Museum

Satyagraha house interior design ideas

  One hundred years ago, Mohandas Gandhi lived in this house in Johannesburg. Within these walls, the future Mahatma created and developed his philosophy of passive resistance: Satyagraha in sanskrit. A pacifist method of protest that he employed in India to lead the country to independence. Today, the Satyagraha House...