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10 Dream Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

modern master bedroom neutral color

Master bedroom is an old fashioned name wich persists in the face of changing times because it has always described the most important bedroom in a house. The name master bedroom, conjures up impressions of large houses, big windows, a system of bell signals in the party. Actually it is...

Modern Home Decorating by Pepe Calderin

Modern Home Decorating by Pepe Calderin

This modern but warm home decorating, named Critz Residence, created by talented interior designer Pepe Calderin. Clear lines, marble, design furnitures and a touch of red color. Pepe Calderin makes a modern space feel warm and cozy. (more…)

Beach House in Brazil by ArqDonini

Jungle beach house in São Sebastião, Brazil designed by ArqDonini architects.   Set inside a fantastic preserved area of rain forest, on the coast of São Sebastião, just 10Km from Barra do Una Beach, this house respects the environment due to the logistics of its construction. The adopted system was...

Old Barn Turned into Amazing House by Shed

amazing living room by shed

An amazing transformation by Shed. The project involved the conversion of a barn into living space supporting a variety of activities and guests. The program called for a workroom/kitchen, an apartment, a bunk room, and bathrooms to be arranged within the existing building envelope. SHED both designed and built the...

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