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Modern and Fresh House in Brazil

Beautiful Modern and Fresh House in Brazil. Clear, modern sleek lines and black and white color scheme make the house airy and fresh. To add some softness, the designers used beige color, and to make colorful accents they put some bright furniture around. Giant windows form floor to ceiling let...

Sophisticate Family House

One of the most outrageous design oxymorons out there, after decorative modern, might just be sexy colonial. Devoid of drama or sleekness, the typical center-hall colonial can be the architectural equivalent of oatmeal: comforting and sustaining but hardly exciting. (more…)

Beautiful Red Kitchen with a Lacquered Birch Block

    Slopes or sea? When Italians opt for a vacation house, it's one or the other, and an Udine engineer and his lawyer wife chose the former for themselves and their two children. At one end of the house’s birchlined great room, a lacquered birch block incorporates kitchen functions....

Deep Blue Living Rooms

deep blue living room with yellow decorating ideas

  Blue is a magnificent feng shui color. It ranges from gentle aqua blue to the blue-green of the ocean to the deep indigo blue of the crown chakra. In feng shui, we associate blue with the clear sky and the healing, refreshing waters. (more…)

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