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Author Archive

Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

Leukerbad Thermal Resort by Marc-Michaels Interior Design

OMG! This bathroom is to-die-for! Leukerbad Thermal Resort In Leukerbad, the largest thermal baths and wellness resort in the Alps. Leukerbad Thermal Resort designed by Marc-Michaels Interior Design. Marc-Michaels Interior design has long been regarded as one of the most respected interior design firms specializing in interior detailing for private...

Modern House by Simone Micheli

Modern House by Simone Micheli

This modern bright residence was designed by Italian architect Simone Micheli for himself and his family in Florence, Italy. The concept features the principle of modern luxury that symbolizes freedom and movement. According to the architect, the interior does not have to shout about wealth, but only to share your...

A New York triplex by Ghislaine Viñas

Always courageous with color, Ghislaine Viñas has revved up mismatched dining chairs with chartreuse vinyl and swathed a living room's walls in red suede. But in a New York triplex for a father and three young sons, she has bravely gone where even she has never ventured before. The color...

Glass Sinks by Vitraform

silver sink

Sink byVitraform. This delicate, artisan process of hand applied gold leaf is captured between the two layers of glass in Vitraform’s Standard or Freestanding Basins. The Cubiste finish is offered on our Cristal Antique glass and may be ordered in Rose (R) or White (W) gold. Subtle variations on each...

Loft by 2B Group

Loft Apartment located in Ukraine and designed by 2B Group Working on the Project we tried to prove to Client and to ourselves that concrete could be warm, wood could be smooth and metal could be soft. The project, that we had to deal with, was a 3-level penthouse with...

French Style House in Melbourne

Located in a suburb of Melbourne, this former mattress factory was completely abandoned ... Who else but Lynda Gardener could believe in his potential? The son hanging from the ceiling, buckets to collect water from leaks in the ceiling, concrete floor cracked and stained with oil stains and an old...

Unique Chairs

This is a great collection of the latest seating design creations from the German designer Philippe Krzyzek. The designer preferred to use materials with wood, stone and metal implements on his furniture idea. (more…)


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