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Interior Design With An Ageless Appeal

grey home interior design idea

Grey is frequently used as a background or complementary color. Muted and simple to work around, grey is oftentimes the supporting shade, not the star. Yet, in this beautiful home, the achromatic scheme is bursting with charm and sophistication, centered around the chameleon hue of grey. Various intensities of the...

Fresh Luxurious and Comfortable Home

Fresh Luxurious and Comfortable Home

This home by Katherine Carter Design, is a prime example of the “excellent space, excellent taste, no time” condition. Angel and Tom run the furniture store Nadeau and the popular LA ramen spot Tatsu. The former is the “fastest growing furniture store in the US” and the latter has almost 700 reviews on...

You΄ll Fall In Love With This House

beautiful bohemian apartment interior

Caroline Z Hurley and her sisters have been living in a house since 15 years. There are four bed rooms with attached bathroom, a spacious dining , drawing rooms ,a nice kitchen , two veranda available in that house. Caroline’s father was an archeologist who designed that house beautifully and so nicely that one who sees...

Inspirational Interiors by Megan Pflug

Inspirational Interiors by Megan Pflug 11

Megan Pflug Designs is a blog and design studio that delivers original home décor-focused content and residential Interior design services. Megan is a New York-based interior designer with academic training from the Rhode Island School of Design and Columbia University. In 2012, she launched the Weekend Decorator column for the...

A Small Functional Living Space With Style

Small Functional Living Space With Style

The studio apartment is a dynamic concept that’s increasing in popularity as living spaces become more expensive and scarcer. That’s why today, small living spaces known as studio apartments, efficiency apartments, or bachelor pads, are all the rage. However, getting the most out of a small space requires interior decorating...

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