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A Dream To Live In

Dimora delle Balze in Sicily Italy 3

Dimora delle Balze in Sicily, Italy is the perfect place for a magical event. The surrounding nature captivates all the senses, nourishing body and soul. An estate with a contemporary design, in which Mediterranean scents and perfumes blend. It is the ideal place to find yourself, your home, your roots.  ...

Timeless Interiors That Make Your Heart Flutter When You See Them

Timeless Interior design idea

In 2016 Louise Walsh Interior Design & Decoration was included in the international acclaimed Andrew Martin Interior Design review and was also acknowledged nationally receiving the Dulux Colour Awards Commendation for Best Residential project.  Some of the many Australian magazines, which feature the work of Louise Walsh Interior Design & Decoration include, Madison, House and Garden...

Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

  Thousands of children don’t get enough sleep. Those are the results of research from the British Nutrition Foundation, who have found that 1 in 3 primary school children sleeps less than 9 hours per night. The same research also discovered that 1 in 10 secondary school students sleeps less...

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