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51 Green Kitchen Designs

green kitchen tiles with wood shelves

The color of the earth, trees and forests- green can bring any kitchen to life! Here are some tips to a cheery and stylish green kitchen: 1. Find the most attractive shade, whether grass, apple, lime, pistachio, etc. Make it your base then incorporate infusions of the hue in kitchen...

The Minimalist Condo Living

The Minimalist Condo Living

Newlyweds Neal and Stephanie Sterjovski turned an 800-square-foot Toronto condo into their dream abode, all the while during wedding planning. The couple was primarily looking for a space fit for their work-at-home busy lifestyles with minimalism in mind. They opted for small-space living surrounded with white walls, tall ceilings, lots...

The Moyer’s Nashville Cozy Home

Airbnb cozy apartment

Instagram stars Kaitie and Tyler Moyer own some of the loveliest Airbnbs desired by many. The most adorable pets live together with the couple in their 1540 sq. ft. abode in Nashville, TN which likewise has the most beautiful interiors. Gorgeous elements comprise the home, including exposed brick, distressed wood and...

Gorgeous Family House

Oak Hill House

Damian and Britt Zunino, New York's studio db husband-and-wife partners, ventured into designing and building a gorgeously huge home for their family's weekend getaways. Nothing can be more perfect than 3,500-square-foot structure stood on a 12.5-acre lot, located nowhere else but in the vast greenery and natural scenic beauty of upstate...