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Italian Modern Country House

Italian Modern Country House

Italian Modern Country House by MIDE architetti. The project site involves an old country house, built in 1887 in the immediate neighborhood of Lucca and a most recent farmhand’s cottage. The buildings are integrated in the countryside of Lucca and maintain its typical characteristics. Specifically, the buildings are located in a hilly...

The 10 Decorator’s Best Kept Secrets

The sitting room of Eva Chen Lucky’s editor in chief

What’s the first thing we notice when we enter a restaurant? Or an office? Or somebody’s house? The ambience, the interior decoration and the feel it creates. Well planned interiors of a place can make us feel warm and welcome and look so beautiful that they make the place stand...

Modest Modernism

Modest Modernism home interior design 2

Modern interior design requires an astute eye for detail. Each piece is strategically placed to merge with every component of the space. With modern furnishings, the concept is not deliberate matching of textures, patterns, and hues. It's an ambiance, a feeling, a vision that goes beyond the physical appearance of...

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