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22 Real Living Room Ideas

charcoal gray Real Living Room Idea

The living room is one of the rooms which a homeowner should really invest in. It is a cozy and comfortable place for relaxation, for both the family and the guests. It serves many purposes, some of which include; watching TV, eating, taking a nap, reading, socializing. among many others....

An Exquisite Artistic Home

artistic loft interior by A+Z Design Studio 2

Wing-backed chairs date back a few centuries. In fact, this elegant styled settee is actually an easy chair or club-chair with a high-back and wings. These wings envelope the back of the chair extending down to the arm rest. However, this may not always be the case. Today, wing-back chairs...

Contemporary Edwardian House

Contemporary Edwardian House 2

Complete renovation, refurbishment and extension of an Edwardian house by Scenario Architecture. Our clients, a young family of 3 approached us a brief to fully refurbish their new property, enlarge the kitchen/dining area by infilling the ‘dogtooth’ configuration and utilise the space within the large loft. Their main requirements were...

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