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Between Contemporary and Classical Interiors

Between Contemporary and Classical Interior 18

Luis Bustamante’s studio has carried out residential, commercial and ephemeral projects adapting his works to different enviroments and working conditions. His undeniable international background and accurate work has permitted the studio to develop several projects in New York, Miami, London, Gstaad, Dominican Republic, Mexico, etc. His early sculptor and painter...

Converted Soda Factory Loft

Converted Soda Factory Loft

Williamsburg soda factory loft by Becky Sea Design. Originally a manufacturing plant for the Brooklyn Bottling Company and Dr. Brown’s Soda in 1936, this converted soda factory was a real treat for us to work on in the heart of Williamsburg. Having the original timber beams, brick and high ceilings...

Small Studio Apartment Design Ideas

Small Studio Apartment Design Idea 6

Living in the city center can be very exciting and finding the ideal apartment adds to the adventure. However, in many cases, in exchange for living in the city center one has to accept a smaller living space. Straight lines, muted colors, with a combination of smart planning and complementing...