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Melina Divani

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All You Must Know About Cabinet Refacing

cabinet refacing

Should you replace or reface your cabinets? When you are faced with a kitchen remodeling project, you have two main options for updating your kitchen cabinets without the need to install new ones. The two primary options are replacing and refacing. These options significantly boost the value and appearance of...

Life in Expressionism

Expressionism interiors 25

Interiors with unique design and character by Brani & Desi. "Life in Expressionism" is residence in which the owners are taken into the world of Art. The title of the project is taken from the art movement Expressionism, because we use Shapes and Colors for emotional result in order to...

Dramatic Apartment In Paris

Dramatic interior In Paris

The interior of the two-storied apartment in historical center of Paris, was born in cooperation of Ukrainian designer Irina Dzhemesyuk and Vitaly Yurov. Located in a historic building, it has retained its unique character but significantly changed, become more modern and stylish. Basis of the composition takes dark color, which...

21 Art Gallery Wall Ideas

Art Gallery Wall Ideas

One type of home ornamentation that has been gaining steam lately are art gallery walls. Creating your own personal wall gallery with your favorite pictures or prints is unique because you don't have to follow anyone else's particular style! There's is no right or wrong, it's all comes down to...

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