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Corset table by Agnieszka Muszynska

unique design silver coffee table

  Corset table by Agnieszka Muszynska. Table with hint for fashion. Certainly Agnieszka Muszynska has used her imagination while designing this table. Perfect combination of sexy women wear with shine either in gold or silver makes this fashion furniture an interesting item. Delicate item, yet keen edged in its construction...

Stitch table by Uhuru Design

Stitch coffee table by Uhuru Design

  Stitch coffee table designed  by Uhuru Design. The Stitched Table is built around a one-of-a kind, flitch-cut hardwood slab. Split nearly in two by a dramatic and naturally occurring check, the slab is held together and reinforced by four X-shaped “stitches.” The seafoam stitches (made from recycled plastic) and...

Tables by Rotsen Furniture

Tables by Rotsen Furniture9

Oh! I love these tables ! Since 2005, Rotsen Furniture (formerly Rotsen Design) has designed and produced unique high-end Brazilian furniture and artwork using eco-friendly materials. They  have created custom pieces to satisfy the specific interior design needs of clients ranging from the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, and W Hotels, to...

iPhone Coffee Table by ginepro

  The Table is made ​​of Corian ®, Stainless Steel and Glass, the central body is presented as a single body monochrome, made ​​from two twin shells glued on edge. The material is available in different colors and allows for absolutely smooth and uniform surfaces. The legs are robust invoice...

Bloom Table Collection from Provide

  The innovative Bloom Tables by MTH Woodworks are finally getting back to the roots of furniture design, but with an original modern twist! In the past, traditional home furnishings were always made of solid wood, but the appreciation for nature's own materials has seemingly slipped through the cracks as particle board...

Modern Marble Coffee Tables


A marble coffee table = 'elegance,' 'sophistication' and 'style.' You can buy it here. You can see more...here SOLD Oh! I love this lovely smart round marble top coffee table ONLY 220,27 euro! KLAB ARCHI EXPO A magnificent and highly decorative white marble top coffee table with ornate carved stainless...