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Stones Makes Comfortable Dwellings Too

stone french country house 7

The construction of the edifice has retained the attractive stone structure creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, perfection is not the goal. Though everything must function, stones are not sanded to level lines and surfaces are left uneven. This type of home, sometimes called an “underground home” or “cave home”...

Italian Modern Country House

Italian Modern Country House

Italian Modern Country House by MIDE architetti. The project site involves an old country house, built in 1887 in the immediate neighborhood of Lucca and a most recent farmhand’s cottage. The buildings are integrated in the countryside of Lucca and maintain its typical characteristics. Specifically, the buildings are located in a hilly...

A Yuletide Season Of Joy

white christmas home decor idea 2

To add dimension, romance and a sense of enchantment to a home's holiday décor, tulle is a fantastic choice. In this exquisite home, tulle is used to enhance the beautiful animation of Christmas, emanating the wonderment and luminosity that this time of year brings to many people’s lives around the...

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