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Unique Unforgettable Furniture by Dialma Brown

unique furniture by Dialma Brown

I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted this furniture collection by Dialma Brown. Dialma Brown collects materials, ideas and expressions and puts them together to create unforgettable furnishings, stories in wood, iron, material, journeys, life stories. Country, vintage, industrial, loft, urban and shabby-chic. There is no single name to identify...

Cage Archibird Table by Gregoire de Lafforest

Cage Archibird Table by Gregoire de Lafforest

Cage Archibird Table designed by Parisian Gregoire de Lafforest. The Cage Archibird is a creative design inspired by the nature and topical birds. The cage is built into the wooden table and draws attention to its residents. Natural materials create  a sense of lightness and illusion. The cage was made by Ateliers Seewhy  and presented...

Vintage Furniture Dressed With Unexpected Patterns

Vintage Furniture Dressed With Unexpected Patterns

  Jessica Lichtenstein has taken her talents to furniture where she transforms vintage pieces; repainting and reupholstering them with fabric in her signature highly sexualized patterns. Lichtenstein challenges viewers to confront his or her own gaze with her use of hyper sexualized imagery presented in beautiful, unexpected settings. Her furniture...

Classic Italian Furniture Collection

classic italian furniture 4 by home decor

This collection of classic italian furniture, reflects homedecor's concept of contemporary way of living: a discreete luxurious lifestyle. All products share some basic concepts: high quality, great design, extreme focus on details and fine materials, the employment of traditional finishes. The elegance of this timeless collection is suitable for every kind of...

Modern And Playful R Toddler Kids’ Bed

toddler modern and fuctional kids bed

Modern, playful and functional toddler bed by RAFA kids. A bed that encourages child’s independence and also stimulates his growth through play.  A functional, safe and at the same time good looking  – R toddler bed. The elevated sides of the bed are made for safety, but perforated with holes,  allow the kid to play with...

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