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Rustic Storage Coffee Table

Rustic Storage Coffee Table

Rustic Storage Coffee Table. Secret stasher. The top of the Rustic Storage Coffee Table pops up to reveal a boatload of hidden storage. Lofted on airy steel legs, the solid mango wood body has enough room to stow anything from toys and remotes to pillows and throws. Each table is subtly...

Zieharsofika Benches From a Flat Foam Mat

Zieharsofika Benches by Flat Foam Mat

Zieharsofika by Meike Harde should show new methods of upholstery construction, aiming to create a stiff cushion from a flat foam mat. By re-thinking cushioning techniques, the project uses conventional rubber foam mats which, with the help of elastic bands, come out as an ornamental form. The rectangular foam mat remains...

Four For Luck Console by JSB

  Four For Luck Console designed by Joana Santos Barbosa. In my garden grows a thick blanket of clovers. Their different sizes draw freeform shapes that in a provocative tone evoke my imagination... What if through my fingers Iwould raise them in the air? An elegant console would emerge. The...

14 Best Corner Shelf Designs

modern orange corner shelf by William Feeney

Corners are some of the most difficult spaces to design around in any home, which is why they are a perfect space for storing things on shelves. There are so many styles of corner shelf are available in the market and DIY solutions and they are very good option for you...

Multi-Functional Furniture Designs by Tetran

Multi-Functional Furniture Designs by tetran

Multi-functional furniture designs by Tetran that make the greatest use of any size space. Tight spaces become just right spaces with scalable multi-functional furniture designs that make the greatest use of any size space. Whether it is a dorm room, a studio apartment, loft living, or any other circumstance where space is...

NurseryWorks Tree Bookcase in Green

NurseryWorks Tree Bookcase in Green

  Inspired by the love of nature, the Tree Bookcase is a unique bookshelf that will be sure to inspire reading in your child. Made of zero-grade MDF and finished in the high-gloss, low VOC laquers Nurseryworks is known for, the Tree Bookcase coordinates with all Nurseryworks products. Supremely functional,...