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Top 10 Bunk Beds

treehouse style bunk bed

A collection of 10 cool bunk beds. Treehouse bed by Kid's room. A truly unique bed in the style of a tree-house- bedtime doesn’t need to be boring anymore! This mid-sleeper bed has a panel-effect roof and front, and a wooden slanted ladder with an attached rope to appeal to...

Stitch table by Uhuru Design

Stitch coffee table by Uhuru Design

  Stitch coffee table designed  by Uhuru Design. The Stitched Table is built around a one-of-a kind, flitch-cut hardwood slab. Split nearly in two by a dramatic and naturally occurring check, the slab is held together and reinforced by four X-shaped “stitches.” The seafoam stitches (made from recycled plastic) and...

Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

red living room furniture

  The italian living room furniture collection Lightning 2012 breaks the monotony with the movement of the wall units. Different depths imply perspective effects, while the modular range opens up infinite compositional rhythms. And if the design is not enough, it is the color to give identity to the space...

Sunflower Chair He Mu, Zhang Qian

Sunflower Chair He Mu Zhang Qian

Sitting at the center of a blooming sunflower and being crowded by beloved books will definitely make reading something lingering in your mind all day. Designed by designer He Mu and Zhang Qian from Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Sunflower Chair has won “Redtory Design Award” for the 5th “Design...

Minimal Baroque Living Room Furniture Ideas

italian consolle multicolor minimal baroque

    Minimal baroque living room furniture design by the italian firm Modenese Gastone. Modenese Gastone Exclusive Design goes beyond classic furniture tradition and revisits it to realize design from classics. Solid wood furniture have now modern colors and new finishes, designed to dress the living room. Exclusive Design is...

Hush the womb by Freyja Sewell

hush seat by freyja sewell

"Hush” inspired by the womb, designed by Freyja Sewell. The ‘womb’ shape inspires very different feelings in different people. ‘Hush’ is a private micro retreat that can be set up practically anywhere. HUSH was recently selected for Grand Designs Live as one of Kevin McClouds 'Green Heros'. HUSH is made...