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The Wild Rubbit a Hotel with Cool Interior

The Wild Rubbit Hotel with Cool Interior 8

The Wild Rubbit: A Hotel That Brings The Past Times Back To Live Through Its Elegant Interior Design. The Wild Rabbit has been extraordinarily popular among the English citizens from Kingham, United Kingdom and its renovation managed to bring a large number of people to this location, providing them with premium...

Majeka House The Epitome of Tranquil Luxury

Majeka House Tranquil Luxury hotel interior design 29

One of the prime luxury living destinations in Stellenbosch, Majeka House hotel offers the best luxury living in region. A lot of thought has gone in making these exquisite homes that allow you to relax and rejuvenate. The interior design of the hotel is especially refreshing from the plain and...

Themonies Dradition and Luxury Suites In Folegandros Greece

Themonies Dradition and Luxury Suites In 2 Folegandros Greece

An agricultural stone complex of the late 19th century, renovated to host today’s demanding explorer and harmoniously surrounded by new, equally appealing, stone structures, captures the architectural spirit, the primordial vibes and the enchanting sociability of the island and presents a captivating, hospitable escape, offering discrete, private moments. Nestled at...

Interiors Between African and Urban

signita faru faru by cecile and boyd's

The lodge has been built with changing levels that offer secluded pockets and private corners. The curved, organic lines of the balau decking follow the contours of the low-level stone walling, which doubles as informal seating with canvas cushions scattered on top to face the bush beyond. Further along the...

Katikies Manis Luxurious Villas

katikies manis

Katikies Manis are luxurious villas ideal for vacations in a private and exclusive style in Greece. In Hellenic language "Katikies" are defined as homes and are linked to individuality and familiarity. Katikies Manis combine natural materials such as stone and wood which are perfectly aligned with the environment and the...

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