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Victorian Westbourne Grove Church Turned Into a Loft

Grove Church Turned Into a Loft

Victorian Westbourne Grove church located in London turned into a Loft by DOS architects. Building conversions are very popular nowadays and it's always interesting to see how they work out as residencies. The architects renovated the top two floors of Westbourne Grove Church, a Baptist chapel initially built in 1953 and...

Awesome Loft in Budapest, Hungary

Awesome interiors Loft in Budapest

Awesome Loft in Budapest, Hungary. This beautiful loft, Shay Shabag, is located in Budapest, Hungary. The furniture in the apartment is elegantly curated and distributed in a way that is both dynamic and intimate. At 2,150 square feet, this loft is for sale for around $915,000. You can find it here. (more…)

Loft with Amazing Details in Paris

Loft with Amazing Details in Paris 19

         Photo Eric Legrand Loft with Amazing Details in Paris. In the neighbourhood of Porte Saint-Denis (10th arrondissement of Paris), an industrial space converted into an awesome living space by the owner and designer, Anouk Dossin. (more…)

Masculine Loft in Brazil by Diego Revollo

Masculine Loft interiors by Diego Revollo

Masculine loft named Real Parque Loft located in Brazil designed by Diego Revollo. The space was reconfigured from its original, broken up floor plan to an open, loft-like space. They chose a burned cement coating for the floors, walls, and ceilings to give it an overall uniform look, which lends itself to the modern aesthetic...

Loft in Sweden by Claesson Koivisto Rune

Loft in Sweden by Claesson Koivisto Rune

    Loft located in Sweden designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune. In this Stockholm Loft Apartment, the odd angles of the ceiling call for space-saving tricks. The glossy blue wall in the living room reflects light using an unexpected color.  (more…)

Contemporary Loft by Porcelanosa

Contemporary Loft interior design by Porcelanosa2

  Contemporary Loft interior design by Porcelanosa. With an Alpine lake backdrop, Porcelanosa Group creates and recreates a contemporary loft: cosy, minimal and, above all, fully fitted with the best materials from the brand. Take note of each detail, and you will discover a stylish space. (more…)

Urban Loft by Alpha Land

Urban Loft interior design by Alpha Land

Urban loft located in Athens, Greece designed by Alpha Land. This new construction is based on the philosophy of lofts apartments , with particular focus on construction with rough and raw materials (concrete, metal). Apart from the aforementioned central architectural choices of the industrial design and two-storey blocks, building, as a...