A Small Functional Living Space With Style

Small Functional Living Space With Style

The studio apartment is a dynamic concept that’s increasing in popularity as living spaces become more expensive and scarcer. That’s why today, small living spaces known as studio apartments, efficiency apartments, or bachelor pads, are all the rage. However, getting the most out of a small space requires interior decorating...

Distressed Decor With Modern Appeal

Distressed Decor With Modern Appeal

The distressed look has become the darling of interior designers. It makes sense, as distressed furnishings are extremely versatile and look absolutely ravishing when done properly. When placed against an all white backdrop, like in the kitchen of this home, a distressed interior can be soft, practical, elegant, contemporary with...

Log Cabin Style Meets Ethnic and Modern Interior Design

Viking View Chalet interior design 2

What makes a log house interior so unique? First of all, it’s the natural elements combined with flush hues and rich textures. Secondly, the choice of floors, ceiling, doors, light fixtures, wall surfaces and more, create eye-catching attractiveness that most would envy. This log cabin styled home by Locate Architects, pulls...

Gray Does It Again!

Gray interior

Try putting gray in the neutral category and you get a better idea of the versatility of this misunderstood color. This shade has more reach than you could imagine. There’s no doubt, gray is one of the newest hot shades in interior design and it won’t be going away anytime...

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