Du Gris – Grey is In!

grey home decoration idea

Gray, upon Gray, upon gray. Sure, it sounds quite drab, but when properly done, it looks exceptionally chic as is the case in this home, which takes on the Swedish inspired decorating style. Darker hues on the walls, dark gray cabinets, with light gray accent pieces.  (more…)

Studio Into Cozy

cozy Scandinavian studio apartment interior design

One would hardly realize this tiny studio space isn't truly a one bedroom. In this aptly decorated studio, room dividers which have a clear/see-through glass finish, allow you to see from the living room/bedroom area, directly into the bathroom space. With fully functional cabinets in the kitchen, which have a...

White Is The New Black

white Scandinavian apartment interior design

White is the new black especially in designing modern homes. Doesn't this contemporary home look warm, spacious and inviting? Well, that's the idea. With a nudge towards the right direction, you can create whichever effect you want for your home.  (more…)

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