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$82 Million New York Apartment With Breathtaking View

$82 Million New York Apartment With Breathtaking View

An extraordinary creative collaboration has resulted in a new landmark for the world’s greatest city. Melding Palladian-proportioned rooms with the highest engineering technology, honest materials, and versatile planning, 432 Park Avenue has reinvented the classic Park Avenue residence for the 21st century. Prices ranging from $17,50 million to $82 million. (more…)

Sparse Meets Stylish

modern Scandinavian style apartment interior design

Set in the city of Melbourne is the three storey Australian style apartment, non chalantly taking pride in its minimalist design. The apartment has a touch of Scandinavian aesthetic and is modelled out of a 20’s print factory. Welcome to the home of Craig Miller-Randle, the owner and creative director...

A Peek Inside An Insignia Condo

Insignia Condo interior design

Living within the walls of a building doesn't mean you can't bring nature into your home. An Insignia condo designed by Brian Maquette Interiors, in Belltown, Seattle offers a pleasant atmosphere with the subtlety of neutral colors, warmth of wooden elements, and breathability of potted greens. A large vintage mirror is hung across...

Fabulous Modern Cottage

Fabulous Modern Cottage

An old and dark California bungalow renovated into a fabulous modern cottage by the super talented team of Amber Interiors. This family’s first home was a total overhaul. We renovated every room in the house, and took this traditional ranch style home to an updated modern cottage. The result is one...

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