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Dream Midwest Lake House

Dream Midwest Lake house with beautiful wood beams, designed by Wade Weissmann Architecture. With this project, we aimed to design a lake residence that would be reflective of the client’s lifelong passion for the iconic sport of rowing. Having spent much of their time in and around the archetypal crew clubs...

Pretty in Pink

pastel interior design

Because pastel shades have their own unique energy, the ambiance of this dwelling is bursting with positivity topped with a mix of vivid hues and oodles of space. Nowadays, pastels have become a mainstay. It’s not really a comeback, it’s a come-up in the world of interior design, and this...

Small Modern Industrial Apartment

Small Modern Industrial Apartment

A small space by Denis Krasikov, made to look gorgeously huge with exquisite architecture, tall windows, and sliding dividers to define distinct areas of a home. Lines, vertical and horizontal, are prominent throughout this modern apartment design from wooden flooring to the intricate wall details, to brilliant lighting fixtures. Black...