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A Lovely Cottage Retreat

Lovely Cottage Retreat

“How charming,” are the words that describe this lovely, rustic styled cottage designed by Flik by Design. It's full of fun, laughter, and type of comfy décor that makes anyone feel right at home. Colors are bouncy and vibrant, furnishings are retro-modern-eclectic styled together with multifarious accents that enhance the...

Alison’s Personal Haven

Alison's dream West Village townhouse interior 7

  Haven's Kitchen founder Alison Cayne, mom of five kids, has a haven to call her own right in her West Village townhouse. She has brought to life real-estate dreams and what one can only imagine in a five-storey structure endowed with a turn of the century interior. Inspired by...

Sophisticated Decor That Rocks

Sophisticated Decor That Rocks

You don't get to see rock star elegance too often; however, the home of Sheryl Crow, the grammy winning American musician, is filled with stylish elegance and authentic comfort with a touch of Spanish flavor. The interior design is flawlessly arranged with an interesting layout, easy furnishing, with a laid-back...

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