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Stone Style And Texture

Stone Style And Texture

Stone is distinctive and can be found in unique textures and colors. This material has been used for thousands of years and is one of the most ancient materials still used today. You can see the beautiful effect of stone in this lovely conservatory. The interior design of this home...

A Decor Like No Other

A Decor Like No Other

Decorating an apartment in bold colors, soft textures, and uncommon patterns takes plenty of forethought and ingenuity, and Zhenya Zhdanova, the decorator of this abode managed to pull it off fantastically. What is so striking is the stunning azurite blue color used in the kitchen and minutely on the beautiful...

A Dynamic New York Skyline Apartment

Dramatic Yet Comfortable Urban Loft

Damask wallpaper patterns create a distinctive look in today's modern styled decors. Actually, damask patterns were introduced in Damascus, Syria during the period of the Middle Ages. Most interior decorators utilize this type of design for a vintage or decorative look. In most instances today, this pattern is merged with...

Brick Design Exudes Elegance

Toscane home interior

If you have an appetite for brick, this home by d.mesure, will satisfy your palette. The brick designs in this home reminds one of a medieval era. It is amazing how this common building material is so diverse and suits rustic, country, retro, and even modernistic designs. Overall, brick is suitable...