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Clean Fresh Yet Cozy Interior

The Sveagatan 24, located in Gothenburg, is two-room property which has blended both contemporary and traditional design elements to create truly unique interior space. The apartment measures only 58 square meters, but uses an open-plan design to create the illusion of more living space. The property includes a staircase, as...

A Home That Appeals To Every Taste!

New York vintage industrialdream penthouse

If you frequently hear or dream about vintage style décor featuring chic modernized dining and living spaces that provide an up-to-date ambiance merging with classic design, this penthouse apartment renovated by interior designer Steve Harivel, fits the bill! It’s an incredible display of vintage collectables and antiques meticulously brought together to...

A Rustic Scandinavian House

Rustic Scandinavian House

This rustic Scandinavian house doesn't seem to get any better—that is, if you are comfortable with the low-ceilings. With angled nooks and crannies that dictate the shape of the rooms, this home is as original as it is humble. When one enters, they are welcomed by rough white walls colorfully...

Cozy Home With Natural Appeal

Cozy Home With Natural Appeal

Using a canvas of white walls, ceilings, and floors, accented with varying types of wood such as rosewood, teak, walnut, and mahogany, this home emits a soft cozy setting with hints of natural loveliness. From unpretentious shabby charm to palatial elegance, furnishings throughout the home are aesthetically appealing and harmoniously...


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