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The Highrise Apartment

contemporaru highrise apartment interior

Space, space, and more space is what this roomy apartment by Fertility Design offers. The taupe-beige toned theme throughout the living space is quite interesting. It’s neither neutral nor is it a hollow shade. It’s rich in sentiment and but also versatile and easy to work with. For example, the dark...

Modern Eclectic Home by Julie Hillman Design

Modern Eclectic Home by Julie Hillman Design 11

Sagaponack Home by Julie Hillman Design. Modern eclectic design is the signature look of interior designer Julie Hillman. This high end residential house has a combination of antique and contemporary designs. It also has very comfortable furnishings and sumptuous fabrics as well as an excellent mix of contrasting pieces. Virtually every...

Modernistic Design

Modernistic Design

Spacious living creates a wonderfully open environment that emits beauty and generosity. This home certainly manages to emulate everything that is magnificent about great spaces decorated with fine furnishings. It starts with the exterior of the home with its many French and rooftop windows. Inside are all white walls and...


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