Typical Stone House Of Mani, Greece

typical house of Mani Greece 11

Great  reconstruction of a typical house of Mani, Greece designed by hhharchitects. The project involves the reconstruction of a typical house of Mani, at the settlement of "Lefktro." Both the preservation of the existing stone shell of the house and the clear differentiation of the new integrated constructions-interventions, have been the guiding...

Casa Tiba A Chic Bohemian House

Casa Tiba A Chic Bohemian House

  Casa Tabia located in Trancoso, Brazil is a chic bohemian house. A hidden jewel that mixes local material and furniture, commissioned pieces made by artists and craftsman. Learn how to inject an exotic personality into your space with inspiration from this house. This bohemian decorating style combines exotic and classical elements. Chic Bohemian, inspired interior decoration themes are forever popular. (more…)

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