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PGA Catalunya Resort by Studio RHE

PGA Catalunya Resort by Studio RHE

PGA Catalunya Resort by Studio RHE. Beautifully set among 300 hectares of forest, PGA Catalunya resort is designed to merge with the landscape and to create a special relationship with its spectacular surroundings. A broken stone wall will provide framed views as glimpses of a stunning landscape merges with the building...

Minimalist 300 Years Old Farmhouse

home interior wespidemeuron4

This old farmhouse, about 300 years old, turned into a minimalist living space full of contrasts by wespi de meuron romeo architetti fas. The main building is half destroyed by fire in 1995. The exterior of the main building is under protection by the local authority. The band consisted of...

Paradise Summer Cottage Decorated With Natural Materials

summer house decorating with reeds

Paradise summer cottage designed by talented Vera Iachia.  Stylish summer house, close to beach, decorated with natural materials. Beautiful combination of traditional, contemporary and exotic materials create welcoming, unique and stylish atmosphere. Decorating with natural materials like reeds feels comfortable and organic, bringing one of modern trends in decorating into eco homes.

Warhouse Turned Into Creative Vintage Office Space

SND CYN studios is a unique collaborative workspace for independent creative proffessionals. Located in old town Irvine, California, this 125 year old lima bean factory is now home to artists, designers, photographers, producers and developers. The warehouse was originally built in 1895 and used to process lima beans. Today it’s...

Comfortable and Rela Summer House

Comfortable and  Rela Summer House named Casa Tatui designed by Vera Iachia.  Use of natural materials and shades of white and blue looks peaceful and fresh. Everything works together here, and nothing is out of place. A unique comfort, harmony and elegance. (more…)

Great Contemporary Interior By Vladimir Bolotkin

contemporary living room Vladimir Bolotkin

Contemporary Design By Vladimir Bolotkin. Great  modern interior decorating with gray and beige tones. This contemporary house shows how the two earth tones  can work to create a visually stimulating room without it being too warm or too cold. Simple, clean lines with large windows devoid of decorative trim. (more…)

Portable Ice Makers