Contemporary Family House With Great Use Of Concrete

contemporary concrete home interiors by ooox

Family house with concrete interior located in Osice, a small village southwest of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic and designed by oooox. The interior utilizes its concrete walls to create an elegant and sophisticated effect by keeping the palette neutral, using stunning lighting fixtures, and tastefully choosing few decorative accessories. (more…)

The House Of Two Book Lovers

living room by sussana cots

Two book lovers' house located in Barcelona designed by one of my favorite the architect Susanna Cots. A skin made of wood that transversally crosses the housing is Susanna Cots‘ “leitmotiv” to develop this interior design project, the home in Barcelona of two book lovers. On the same floor, the main artery that unites the whole...

Minimalist Yet Comfy House In Ibiza Spain

ibiza home interiors by menossi

Contemporary house in Ibiza, Spain fotographed by Menossi. The house opted for a minimalist style yet comfy and very beautiful; the design concept called for a limited palate of clean, defined materials to emphasize the open plan. White walls and a generous use of polished concrete is formed.  Decorated with beautiful natural decor element. The layout...

Interior With Calm Shades By Debora Aguiar

living room by debora aguiar

House located in Sao Paulo, Brazil designe by architect Debora Aguiar. Interior with calm shades combined with natural wood. I love the white and wood theme which is carried throughout the space. White on the interior always looks great and the neutral mocha warm up the space. Design based on comfort, sophistication, nature and wellness. Every detail...

Portable Ice Makers