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The Best 26 All White Kitchen Design Ideas

White Kitchen with black pendant lights, cognac leather bar stools, wood floors, open shelving

Having an all-white kitchen is always a classic and clean look for any home. White kitchens are bright and airy spaces that can be sophisticated or charming based on your own unique style. Decorating an all-white kitchen can be fun as they are a blank canvas for you to add...

10 Ways to Create A Scandinavian Kitchen

black and white Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchens embody the phrase; less is more. The subtleties in their design are what makes them so inviting as a kitchen design option. They take the minimalistic approach and twist it to add warmth to an otherwise functional design. The choices make for a light, bright open spaces that...

10 Best Kitchen Wall Color Trends

navy kitchen wall color trend 2

For many of us, the kitchen is the hub of our house. It is the place for rela, socializing and generally passing time. Over the years kitchen styles have changed dramatically. We have seen the kooky colors of the 60's evolve into the rustic french farmhouse chic. From minimalistic straight...

WOW This Kitchen Remodel Is Amazing

Kitchen Remodel

Jamie & Morgan Molitor's kitchen remodel is absolutely amazing! It only took us four months to compile all of our notes from completion of this project, no big deal. Our inspiration behind this project came from black and white kitchens with open shelving, gold hardware, commercial appliances, a large statement...

10 Amazing Kitchen Open Shelving Ideas

Kitchen Open Shelving Idea

Did you ever find yourself rummaging through cupboard after cupboard, looking for that favorite cereal bowl, the one you misplaced a week ago? Ever feel bothered by having your hands wander in dim light, trying to avoid the ten other plates and bowls you never use but still keep around,...

Deluxe Handcrafted Kitchen Design Ideas

Deluxe Handcrafted Kitchen Design Ideas

Christopher Peacock began his career in London during the early eighties, working at Terence Conran’s furniture store in London. After accepting an offer to work in the US he traveled first to Boston, Mass, where he worked as a designer at the Boston Design Center and then continued his career...

Kitchen Wall Tiles and Floor Tiles

Kitchen Wall Tiles and Floor Tiles 2

A long, long time ago, kitchens didn’t have any backsplashes. It might seem impossible to imagine a kitchen without one of the most decorative parts of it, but prior to about the 1940s, they weren’t needed. Kitchens have always served the same function (to prepare meals), but they only advanced...

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