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51 Green Kitchen Designs

green kitchen tiles with wood shelves

The color of the earth, trees and forests- green can bring any kitchen to life! Here are some tips to a cheery and stylish green kitchen: 1. Find the most attractive shade, whether grass, apple, lime, pistachio, etc. Make it your base then incorporate infusions of the hue in kitchen...

17 Retro Kitchen Ideas

retro kitchen design idea

Want to make your kitchen has a magnificent and unique look that everyone will like? If yes all you should do is to add a bit of retro chic to it. Here are some modern retro kitchen ideas you should follow. (more…)

53 Best White Kitchen Designs

white kitchen design

A kitchen is not only one of the most important sections of a house, but also has a major role determining the resale value of the space. And that's why remodelling your kitchen is all about making it aesthetically pleasing, fresh and of course, trendy. This definitely calls for loads...

A Scandinavian Woodland Inspired Kitchen

Scandinavian Woodland Inspired Kitchen 13

Scandinavian Woodland Inspired Kitchen designed by Sustainable Kitchens. The extension to this client’s home in Bristol has transformed an intimate kitchen space into a luxuriously bright kitchen, diner and seating room.  Through the solid Oak and Birch of the kitchen, the Pine of the floor and our clients birch woodland...

20 Dream Loft Kitchen Design Ideas

loft kitchen design idea

A loft kitchen is mostly classified under the small kitchen categories. Even with its small size, you can design your kitchen to look elegant and bigger. As you are designing the kitchen in your loft, you will need to think of how you can utilize the space to the maximum....

How to Make the Most of a Tiny Kitchen

How to Make the Most of a Tiny Kitchen

While it may be the dream to have a large, professional-style kitchen, the reality for many people is a kitchen that is far smaller in size. A tiny kitchen doesn’t have to be a negative, however; there are many ways that you can make a tiny kitchen work for you...

Brilliant Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

Brilliant Kitchen Makeover

Blogger Alison Allen by Deuce Cities Henhouse, recently transformed the pokey, outdated kitchen, that came with her 100 year old Minneapolis home, into a bright, modern kitchen. If you're interested in discovering how Alison managed to update her kitchen on a budget, simply continue reading. Alison's kitchen originally was a mish mash...


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