53 Stylish Black Kitchen Designs

black kitchen design 14

 Most people fail to realize that the kitchen can be decorated and personalized as much as a bedroom can. If you're going for a bold and classy statement, a black kitchen is for you. Here are some tips on what it is you need to know to make the perfect...

44 Reclaimed Wood Rustic Countertop Ideas

44 Reclaimed Wood Rustic Countertop Ideas 2

Nowadays, rustic and reclaimed wood countertops have increasingly become popular in kitchen designs. Rustic and reclaimed bar tops, table tops and countertops are warm, rich and they make you feel comfortable in your home. The natural imperfections, such as insect scarring and nail holes, in rustic wood countertops radiate your...

Functional Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Functional Contemporary Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important spaces in the home and is the centre of activity in family life, a place to create, feel and live. Aware of its importance, at Porcelanosa they design kitchens to be functional and to meet the needs of each user, creating...

Cozy Small Kitchen by CK kwadrat

Cozy Small Kitchen by CK kwadrat

There is nothing like a cozy little kitchen where one can enjoy the rela morning while sipping on coffee and reading a book, perhaps even poetry. The best kitchens are those that go beyond the confines of utility, and become a space of comfort, like this one has done. Though...

A Great Tiny Kitchen

Great Tiny Kitchen

Minikitchen monobloc kitchen on castors. Boffi’s Minikitchen is a re-issue of Joe Colombo s celebrated 1963 design, realised now in Corian. Minikitchen in the form of a large trolley with kitchen functions: hob unit, mini-refrigerator, drawer, storage compartments, small cutlery drawers, sockets for small electrical appliances, big chopping board and pull-out worktop. (more…)

Belmont Kitchen Island

Belmont Kitchen Island

Belmont collection takes its cue from the grand hotels and mansions of a bygone era. Handcrafted of solid Acacia wood with champagne finish. Belmont Medium Kitchen Island is crafted with a frame and panel construction technique. The planks of wood used in the panels are not glued together but held...

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