47 Best Galley Kitchen Designs

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The galley kitchen design is a functional kitchen design that enables you to easily reach all the areas of your kitchen with minimal walking distance. It provides a great layout for bench top space and ample cabinets, the galley kitchen design is a contemporary and modern that is the first...

How to Bring an Industrial Vibe to Your Kitchen

industrial kitchen weathered wood

An industrial decor comes from the elements of construction: metal, brick, beams and other materials. The gargantuan factories from the 1800s served as the original inspiration for the industrial kitchen, and when these factories closed, the buildings later became homes for architects, artists and other creative individuals who enjoyed the...

20 Amazing Kitchen Pantry Ideas

walk in kitchen pantry

A funny dead space at the end of this kitchen turned into a pantry with a French bistro feel. Photograph by Matt Clayton A pantry is a great thing to have for kitchen storage, but many people do not make the most of it. It’s often a neglected area of the kitchen with no...

44 Stylish Kitchens With Open Shelving

Stylish Kitchen With Open Shelving 45

Current interior design trends are veering towards kitchens that are more laid back, casual and highly functional. As a result, a number of homeowners have decided to ditch the doors and go for kitchens with open shelves. Kitchen storage is extremely important regardless of the size of the space. Having...

Skyline 2.0 New Kitchen Design by Snaidero

Skyline 2.0 New Kitchen Design by Snaidero yellow 3

Skyline 2.0 by Snaidero is the kitchen that is measured against your horizon, orienting itself to the natural logic of your gestures, in a very different way. It does this by means of an innovative design, which breaks free of conventional schemes without compromising on comfort and functionality. The design...

The Live – In Kitchen by Lisiane Scardoelli

The Live - in kitchen by Lisiane Scardoelli

Welcome to the live-in kitchen designed by Lisiane Scardoelli! A space that goes beyond the kitchen and living concepts, blending pluralism and multi-functionality of architecture and design as one. There are two volumes that define the space. The dark gray volume is a monolith which when subtracted brings out some...

20 Country Kitchens With Character

white country kitchen with black countertop

If you feel saturated with minimalism and strict lines that are now offered on the furniture market it may be the perfect time to turn to the rural way of life. Experts say that the country life has beneficial effects on our health and psycho-physical condition. However, if you are...

Formal Kitchen with Attention to Detail

Formal Kitchen with Attention to Detail

This pink and gold formal kitchen designed by Dave Stimmel, shines with traditional detailing. Touches of Old English decor give a formal feel to this traditional pink and gold kitchen featuring a white, hand-carved mantelpiece. The pink stool cushions reflect the soft colors of the floral wallpaper. An ornate crystal chandelier...

Kitchens With Striking Design and Elegant Style

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Classic kitchen designs with an elegant touch. The Marchi Group is well known for exquisite kitchen designs that combine an excellent touch of elegance and structural durability. In fact, if you take a careful look at their kitchen furniture and fittings, you will discover some stunning designs that have a...