33 Sun Room Decorating Ideas

sun room decorating idea design

  Who ever said that you need a glorious view to have a nicely decorated sun room? If you like bathing in sunlight while enjoying peace and comfort, you'll certainly make great use of a sun room. The following are some decorating ideas for the sunniest, most perfect room of...

33 Beautiful Built In Bookshelves

Beautiful Built In Bookshelves

Built-in bookcases add not only plenty of character and storage; they can actually create more space in a home and make it seem much larger. Moreover, built-ins look tidier and look much better than freestanding furniture in addition to enlarging a room’s storage space, display area, and design dimension. Bookcases,...

20 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas

DIY vintage crate boot rack

Each one of us has several pairs of shoes, if not more. However, when it comes to women, they don’t just like their shoes, they actually love them. Some women have been collecting shoes ever since they were little girls. As a result, the need for a good storage area...