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Outdoor Pleasure: Gravity Swing-Sofa

outdoor Gravity swing sofa

OMG I  n e e d  this! The Roberti swing-sofa by Greenfield collection is absolutely awesome. The new swing-sofa has an intimate welcoming space where you can relax on a light rocking. The aluminium structure (champagne finish) are treated with powder coatings to ensure lightness, resistance to atmospheric agents and durability. Gravity swing-sofa...

Summer in the City with IKEA

Summer in the City with IKEA 5

Rela in the country or by the beach is lovely but with IKEA you needn’t travel so far to enjoy the warm weather this year. It doesn’t matter if your outdoor space is a high-rise balcony, a local park or a reclaimed urban garden. With a little help from our affordable...

44 Dream Pergola Plans

Dream Pergola Plans 2

  A pergola is basically a garden structure which is much similar to the arbor. It forms a shaded sitting area, walkway or passageway of vertical pillars or posts which usually support cross beams and a strong open lattice, usually upon which vines are trained. A pergola offers shade, serves...

12 Awesome Outdoor Dining Ideas

Designer Jamie Durie framed this outdoor dining room by incorporating a large backyard pine tree into a stone wall. The benches are made of simple fallen tree trunks, an easy, inexpensive way to create gorgeous outdoor seating. Author, television host and environmentalist Jamie Durie pioneered the idea of outdoor rooms in...

IKEA Outdoor Spring-Summer 2013

IKEA Outdoor Spring-Summer 2013

Ckeck out the IKEA Outdoor Spring-Summer 2013 Collection. Bring the countryside closer. Unfold to relax, fold up and away to get more room for gardening. With the space-saving MÄLARÖ table and chairs, and IKEA's wide selection of plant pots, it’s easy to create your own outdoor oasis, even in the middle...

RH Outdoor Furniture Collection Spring 2013

Looking for ideas on how to freshen up your backyard? Ckeck out Restoration Hardware's outdoor furniture new collection spring 2013! We are taught from the time we are born to conform. To conform to current and conventional views. We are discouraged from taking risks and encouraged to follow the proven path. In...


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