Best Linen Duvet Covers

Linen duvet cover in Natural Linen Oatmeal color 2

Luxurious linen duvet cover in natural linen color (oatmeal / beige gray / ecru). Perfect for those who love earthy tones bedding. Made from softened, OEKO-TEX certified linen fabric, this duvet will add coziness to your bedroom and guarantee a good night's sleep. Linen is lightweight, breathable, thermoregulating and moisture-wicking,...

Wall Decor Idea: Wood Wall Art

Wall Decor Idea: Wood Wall Art 7

This unique piece is titled "Native Star". It is made with a variety of reclaimed Australian timbers including Spotted gum, Bluegum, Stringybark, Iron bark and is framed with beautiful and extremely rare Australian Red Cedar. You can find it here. (more…)

Moissonnier French Luxury Furniture

Moissonnier French Luxury Furniture

Under the artistic direction of Annie-Pierre Moissonnier, Moissonnier's research and design department works on creating bespoke items. With aesthetic and technical drawings, colouring in, style boards, interior design consultancy etc., they can share their intentions and assist customers in putting their projects together, always striving for beauty, functionality and quality....

Аренда квартиры в Баден-Бадене