Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit

earth outdoor fireplace

  The Third Rock Outdoor Fire Pit is a high quality, hand cut and crafted fire pit designed for years of heavy use. This is one of the most unique fire pits on the market. Every Fire Pit is individually signed and numbered by it's designer, Rick Wittrig. Each Fire...

Beautiful Duchtubs by Weltevre

duchtub design

    With the Dutchtub by Weltevre you can explore and enjoy the essence of outdoor bathing. This award-winning hot tub is a pure luxury and works surprisingly simple: Wood fired and with natural circulation. With this smart construction and the sturdy, long-lasting material you can use the Dutchtub anytime,...

Creative and Funny Wall Socket Stickers

funny wall socket stickers

Creative and funny wall socket stickers designed by Adrien Gardère. These wall socket decals with animals' figures give different impressions to regular sockets. Adrien Gardère work has 3 axis : products-lights design, furniture, scenography and interior architecture. Without borderline, he creates a smart dialog between know-how and new practices, form durability and...

Singing Bird Cage Clock

antique singing birdcage clock

      A beautiful bird cage clock made circa 1780 and singing 7 tunes on the hour. Toward the end of the 17th century, it was a popular pastime to raise canary birds and teach them to sing. This fashion was the inspiration for the decorative objects using singing...

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