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Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment

Colorful and Warm 33sqm Apartment 2

For the quirky modernist, this 33-meter squared is an absolute gem. Elegance has been colored in with dazzling greens and potent violets. It seems that even those items of furniture that lack color, such as the clear chairs in the living room and the glass table, add vibrancy to this...

A Small Apartment That Speaks Volumes

compact 5-square-meter studio apartment

The brainchild of Russia-based interior design firm Zukkini, the inspiring modern décor of this 25-square-meter studio apartment is a paragon of how creative yet clever and deftly planned decorating ideas can stylistically transform a very compact living space into a palatial-looking one without actually expanding its footprint. Defined by clean,...

The 45sqm Nest of Comfort

scandinavian contemporary small apartment

Who says that the larger the home, the better? This 45 square meter apartment certainly makes it clear that sometimes, less can mean more. All it takes is the efficient use of partition, the right color scheme, and modernist touches to transform a mere small space into the perfect little...

Fabulous Small Apartment In Tones Of Gray

house in tones of gray and a splash of blue

I just found this fab small apartment on desire to inspire. The apartment designed by Polish interior designer Lucyna Kołodziejska is very stylish. The designer decorated the house in tones of gray and a splash of blue. It's so stylish! This apartment is in Sopot, it is designed for rent, for weekends, for...

Small Home Big In Style

small stylish home interiors

  Sleek interior design is what every homeowner wants and it requires lots of creativity in managing a small room into a clean and neat design. Some homeowners find it hard to keep things within a small house and they just place their stuff in several wardrobes or cabinets which...


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