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Timeless and Airy Interiors

Salt Design Co. was founded in 2014 after turning a lifelong dream into reality. Based in Fair Haven, NJ, Sarah and her team have been creating timeless interiors across the Jersey Shore and beyond. What started out as a simple love for interiors and freelance design work, has since turned into...

Design Bookcases by Jesse

Design Bookcases by Jesse

At Jesse the Made in Italy values blend with a distinctly international spirit. We chose Italy, cradle of art and craftmanship, as an ideal place to continue manufacturing according to our style. Without succumbing to the lure of ephemeral delocalization. We firmly believe in the attention to detail, that we...

Stunning California Modern Home

Stunning California Modern Home

There's no place like home, nothing as bright and welcoming as this California house by Theresa Rowe. Looking at the exterior is one great sight in itself- rectangular white brick structure with brown roof and symmetrically placed windows and doors. The pleasant interior features expansive windows, hardwood floors in the living...

Modernized Cottage Style

Modernized Cottage Style home interior

Sky blue is not the easiest shade to utilize on the exterior of an edifice, but it works perfectly here. Cottages are usually seen as a small house of sorts, and is frequently described as a modest, quaint type of home with one or two floors. However, no one thinks...

A Vibrant Fun Place To Live

Colorful Modern Apartment interior design

Happy homes have several things in common. Adequate space, an inviting appeal, comfortable and practical furnishings, color, and balance. This home has it all and more. It's a casual styled home that has managed to press all the right buttons. Fun, magic, and an intriguing atmosphere gives this home a...

Charming Apartment In Moscow

contemporary Apartment In Moscow 22

Here’s a one bedroom apartment at the top of one of the Towers in Moscow city. It has a beautiful contemporary design and a lot of natural materials were used including the oak wood ceiling and floor. Come along as we take a close look the different parts of this...

Florence Jaffrain’s Colorful House

Florence Jaffrain's Colorful House interiors

Famous designer Florence Jaffrain's colorful house. An old industrial space turned into his home and design workspace. Shapes, colors, and ideas galore. Lemon yellow and pink neon in this very sophisticated dining. Around a rectangular table composed of a Plexiglas plate and neon pink painted wooden tripod from Florence Jaffrain four yellow retro chairs "Back...

Great Restoration Of A Historical Sicilian Farm

meditteranean interior design

Recovery of a Historic Farm "Le edicole", Ragusa by Arturo Montanelli. The project is aimed at the recovery appreciation of the handmade, with specific interventions of the structures, restoration of wall textures, cleaning and smoothing of those parts showing biologic patina and superficial decay, the integration of new parts with material magnifying the architectural...

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