Colorful Interior Design by Anthony Baratta

colorful interior design ideas by Anthony Baratta

A collection with colorful interior design ideas by Anthony Baratta.   Anthony Baratta began his design career over thirty years ago after graduating from Fordham University with a degree in Art History. Combining his talents with William Diamond, their firm, Diamond Baratta Design, created a design language which is a...

House with Nautically Themed Folk Art

living room with nauticaly folk art

  Ms. DiManno 's interesting house with nautically themed folk art in coral, aqua and chartreuse colors. In the living room, there is an eye-catching eight-foot-long wooden piece from the 1930s in the shape of a female swimmer (once the universal sign that a motel had a pool) hanging above the...

Stunning Lakeside House in Italy

rustic living room

  Rustic and industrial house in Rural, Italy. Since turning her home into a beautiful hideaway in the Italian countryside, Hanne and her family have had no shortage of guests. 'When we found this place, it was basically just a roof and walls. No one else would buy it because it...

Modern Home Decorating by Pepe Calderin

Modern Home Decorating by Pepe Calderin

This modern but warm home decorating, named Critz Residence, created by talented interior designer Pepe Calderin. Clear lines, marble, design furnitures and a touch of red color. Pepe Calderin makes a modern space feel warm and cozy. (more…)

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