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IKEA Outdoor Spring-Summer 2013

IKEA Outdoor Spring-Summer 2013

Ckeck out the IKEA Outdoor Spring-Summer 2013 Collection. Bring the countryside closer. Unfold to relax, fold up and away to get more room for gardening. With the space-saving MÄLARÖ table and...

Uniquely Designed Vintage Kitchens

The Marchi Group has always been outstanding for its research into structural and aesthetic perfection, creating kitchens with striking design and elegant style based on the time-honoured traditions of hand-made cabinetry... resulting...

Skyline Sofa by Morten Nikolajsen

Skyline Sofa by Morten Nikolajsen

Skyline sofa by designed by Morten Nikolajsen for Howe. With a soft and innovative aesthetics Skyline complements the existing collection of HOWE furniture. The untraditional pentagonal shape is harmonious, inspiring and...

living room by sussana cots

The House Of Two Book Lovers

Two book lovers' house located in Barcelona designed by one of my favorite the architect Susanna Cots. A skin made of wood that transversally crosses the housing is Susanna Cots‘ “leitmotiv” to develop this interior...