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Jung Von Matt interior design

Jung Von Matt

The advertising creatives at Jung Von Matt call Hamburg their home, as they have held their headquarters in a historic 19th century factory building for quite some time now. The...

colorful pencil bowl diy ideas

Bowl by Colorful Pencils

  36 Pencil Bowl, both a tribute to ubiquitous, and lovely, hexagonal colour pencils, and a representation of what was coined by Joris Peels as 'combinatory manufacturing'. Combine the connector...

romantic bedroom 3 interior design ideas

20 Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom is where you and your spouse retreat for rest, relaxation, and romance.Your bedroom may just be the most important room in your home. A romantic bedroom is everyone's decorating...

Champagne Cork Stool

Champagne Cork Stool

Champagne Cork Stool looks like it's just been popped from a giant bottle of champagne! This product is the equivalent to 1,300 regular Champagne Corks in weight and 110 times bigger than...


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