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Newspaper in the Bathroom 3

Newspaper in the Bathroom

A fan of Russian art and design, antiques dealer Sean Scherer, owner of New York’s Kabinett and Kammer, found graphic appeal in a stack of '60s Ukrainian newspapers, just $20...

Turquoise Chandeliers 6

Turquoise Chandeliers

A mix of blue and green, turquoise has a sweet feminine feel while the darker teal shades add lively sophistication. I love the Turquoise Empire Chandelier by Marjorie Skouras Design...

Wall Hooks by Tree Branches

Wall Hooks by Tree Branches

I found this unique wall hooks by tree branches by cantileverandpress on Etsy. the cantilever and press wolf den coat rack was designed for a dear friend to compliment his...

Eco Organic Kitchen Designs

5 Eco – Organic Kitchen Designs

This green Ekokook kitchen by Faltazi design is one of the most well-researched culinary concepts. Ekokook proposes that in the future, the general public will strive to become self-sufficient in...

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