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Posts Tagged ‘scandinavian interiors’

10 Scandinavian Home Decor & Style Ideas

Scandinavian Home Decor & Style Idea

Scandinavian design focuses on simplistic, elegant, and eclectic. When decorating your home around this theme, there are several aspects you'll want to keep in mind to achieve the specific style. These are a few ideas to utilize when decorating your home, to ensure you get the Scandinavian culture down as...

A Scandinavian Home With Grey Walls In All Its Glory

Scandinavian living room decor with grey walls

This is an inviting single floor apartment with generous social spaces perfectly distributed among 6 rooms. The classiness of this Scandinavian home with grey walls will leave you wanting for decor like this! The apartment is located on Banérgatan 51, Östermalm, Stockholm. It is in proximity to Djurgården's greenery and...

Home That Converges Shape With Functionality

Home That Converges Shape With Functionality 4

The style of this Scandinavian house is a combination of a right amount of color and light. It converges shape with functionality and mixes new and old with a slight twist of irony. The stereotype that is often placed upon a Scandinavian home is that it is stark and modern,...


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