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Interior Design With a Soul

interior design by House of Funk 2

Interior design with a soul. A sense of place. Reflecting your desires, personality, and style. Sandra is the founder and principal designer of House of Funk, a full-service and online interior design firm with offices in NY and NJ. House of Funk creates thoughtful homes with an emphasis on clean...

Mi Decor Styles the Right Way

traditional with modern home decor

Super talented Betsy Brown mix traditional and modern decor with her amazing way. A well suited home is a portrait of those who live within. The palette colored by life’s experiences, a graceful segue from solitude to public life. It is a place where one feels effortless alone or in the company...

Midcentury Modern Seattle Loft

Midcentury Modern Seattle Loft

Midcentury Modern Seattle Loft designed by Mowery Marsh Architects. One project that has been huge for us this year is our Seattle renovation. When an interior designer colleague of Brian's found this mid-century modern home, he didn't miss a beat and said... 'Sure we'll help you design the renovation!'  And so the...



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